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NFF 2018 National Congress

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) National Congress 2018 will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport Arena in Canberra on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 October 2018.

The NFF Congress is the major biennial event for Australian agriculture and featured a range of
speakers from across agriculture, politics, the food supply chain, climate
research, business technology and innovation.

Our People – How we harness the energy and ideas of every participant in an
increasingly diverse industry.

Our Farms– New, diverse, business, farm management
and environmental stewardship practices that will keep us at the cutting edge.

Our Leaders– The challenges and opportunities
that lie ahead for Australian agriculture.

Our Global Markets– How can diversifying our markets
help smooth our path in an ever-volatile global economy.

This is an excitingopportunity for anyone with an interest in how Australia best positions itself
to make the most of the opportunities driven by unprecedented demand for high
quality agricultural products.

Registrations for the National Farmers' Federation Congress 2018 are now open!

Check out the details here